Our Challenge

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Finding closure/ forgiveness
“Clean house” friends, bad habits, cabinets
Pick up a new hobby to replace a bad one
Have a vision/ find the first focus
  • find questionnaire resources to give to help related to horoscopes etc.
Make a realistic new schedule for yourself, calendar
Remove negativity
“ pretty therapy” any way u can get professional help
Spending time in nature/ silence in prayer. Allowing real thoughts, desires and emotions to flow
“ pretty selfish” Set boundaries for things and people that are triggering. Say no. Be true to you.
Program your mind on self care in all aspects mind body soul sex
“ pretty traumatic”
“ the wound, is where the light enters you” in dark places you find growth
“ hurt people hurt people”
Don’t judge others for their short comings
Or the way the feel about things
Go back to earliest childhood experiences that come to your mind
  • have a journal to write things down
Find understanding in a more logical, new perspective. Consider what could be false assumptions on why u feel the way u do. Seek clarification
Look at your younger self, in those low lost times, with compassion not judgement
Try to emphasize with others, who are lost and broken, for their actions. A way to finding forgiveness.
Pretty learning”
Find out what your experiences have taught you.
Learn lessons so u don’t relive traumas
Be grateful for struggles and pain
“ Pretty transformation” is finding the love in your story and in the struggle
Rewrite your limiting beliefs that friends and family don’t accept you or you can’t-find the life that you want.
How do I want to live my life moving forward, dealing with the present, day by day
“ pretty believable “
Only have room for belief in yourself and the things u want. Remove things and people that don’t speak in to your life.
“ Pretty habitual”
The key to being consistent, is being realistic with the goals u set for yourself, that aren’t overwhelming.
Set a timer to clean as much as u can in a space of time.
Keep things insight that u normally forget to do, that are essential
Drinking more water, helps physical, mental, emotional (provide water apps) squeeze a lime juice in
Voice and write gratitude daily for food and bad.
Moisturizing/ natural sunscreen with pretty essential
  • Stretching through out the day a few minutes at a time.
  • Pick a new hobby daily
  • Celebrate your wins daily whatever they maybe, big or small
  • Visualize dream life in vivid detail and live it as much as possible
  • “ the casket and the curse” what happened to you the curse is how u changed ur perspective

  • Included in this package: -Bath Soaks -Body Whip -Loose-Leaf Tea -30 Day Journal w/pen
    Included in this package: -Bath Soaks -Body Whip -K Cups Tea -30 Day Journal w/pen
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