Welcome to “spa Mother Earth” turn bathtime into a secret ceremony, becoming one with nature. Soak in ingredients derived from her roots, providing healing to your feminine roots. Ancient Remedies responsible for optimum feminine health, all in one package. Step out tingling, feeling light and fresh. Say good bye to products that throw off your h balance or leave messy rings around the tub! Comes with two organic Muslim cloth reusable Satchets and a scooper, about a 30 day supply …… it pretty divine! 

Women, all over, suffer in silence. In your transition of womanhood or child birth, may you feel just as pretty inside, as you look on the outside…… this product contains nuts

Price Each: $33.21

All natural remedy

  • Cleanse.
  • Tighten.
  • Libido.
  • All stages of menopause.
  • Fight womb related disease. ( cancer, fibroids, polyps, yeast, BV)
  • Increased estrogen.
  • Balanced hormones.
  • Inflammation.
  • Lighten the appearance of scars/dark spots.
  • Decrease blood pressure.


Pretty Divine

Ancient remedies responsible for optimum feminine health, all in one package. Unlike other bath products, our bath soaks don’t throw off your PH balance or leave messy rings in the tub! Not only does our bath soak cleanse, tone & tighten skin but it also balances estrogen levels, emotional state, and decreases blood pressure. This product is also great for treating the womb and also helping women through the stages of menopause. Step out feeling light, fresh and confident.